Dr. Ann Rickert

A little something about me.




I am a Massachusetts based Internist, now commonly termed a Primary Care Physician. I have been in pratice for 14 years. And am now trained in Functional Medicine.
I completed my medical school training in 1999 from St. George's School of Medicine. I went on to complete my internship and residency at UMASS Medical School in 2002.
I have always had a passion for preventative or complimentary medicine. Unfortunately, conventional medical training does not train in this manner nor does it inspire one to do so. In residency - I once had a jaded senior physician tell me "good luck with that" when I mentioned my interests.
Due to my interests in complimentary medicine - I have also trained in acupuncture, Tui Na chinese massage and most recently Functional Medicine. The reason I have trained in these modalities - is due in part to my personal experience of the physical and emotional benefits - that these practitioners offer. I have found that the practioners that perform physical therapy, massage, acupuncture and chiropractic therapies - are successful in healing - because they find the root cause of the physical symptom and work directly on that area. Functional Medicine - my new passion - finds the underlying causes of the outward disease - by going back and finding the imbalances in the system. This is done through taking a good history, appropriate lab testing, and then recommending dietary changes, supplements and mind body techniques. Put this all together and in general all patients feel better.
I first heard about Functional Medicine at conference in NY titled Heal Thy Practice. The speakers and attendees were like minded MD's and practitioners who realized conventional medicine was failing their patients and failing themselves. Conventional medicine was not allowing them to be the effective health care providers that they new the could and should be.
The speakers were all successfully running practices where there patients were getting better and the practioners were healthier and happier.
To further emphasize - Functional Medicine is a platform for a more patient centered healing process. It looks at the whole patient and does not look at single diseases. It is a way to search for the root cause of illness by finding the imbalances in hormones, digestion, inflammation, and taking into account emotional issues and chemical toxicity as well.
Please join me in working together to find the healthier and more peaceful you.

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