As the saying goes, we truly are what we eat. Our exposure to foods, toxins and chemical start at the mouth as we ingest things. In our world today we have to be especially careful to find and eat more quality foods. The onslaught of chemical exposures from pesticides , plastics, heavy metals such as mercury, growth hormones, antibiotics - can be overwhelming to our bodies. It is my goal to educate you on healthier ways to eat to support gut and over all health.
Everyone should limit their intake of gluten ( anything with flour -mainly wheat), dairy, soy, sugar and vegetable oils. These foods increase inflammation in our bodies. In some people - and we are seeing more and more people - where their bodies attack the gluten protein and the immune system gets confused and starts attacking itself. This leads to an increase in autoimmune diseases such as low thyroid, rheumatoid arthritis, and others.
Eating gluten free or gluten reduced is not just a fad, and not just for those allergic such as celiac disease. It is important for all of us. So much of what we were taught 20 years ago about eating low fat and eating a lot of dairy - just turns out to be incorrect.
Some influential experts at the time thought that fat caused heart disease so we were taught to eat low fat. This means we over eat carbohydrates. Now we have a epidemic of obesity, and diabetes.
Our work together will include educating you on healthier eating to help you body work more efficiently and likely reduce chronic illness.

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