Welcome to my Practice

As an MD trained in Functional Medicine I have worked with patients to assess their current health status and to find a personal self healing plan. My main focus is digestive disease. This is my focus because the gastrointestinal tract is the main way our body is exposed to the environment. What we ingest and how our bodies break it down - has an enormous impact on how our mind and body function.

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The Health Benefits of Yoga

Physical Benefits of Yoga : Prevent IBS and digestive problems. Increased flexibility Improved respiration, energy, vitality …

All Health Begins in the Gut

“Not a single one of the tens of trillions of cells in the human body can be nourished and function properly if the …

EBOOK Announcement

ANNOUNCING…. The ULTIMATE GUIDE TO DIGESTIVE HEALTH EBOOKI am so excited to finally share this with you!I wrote this EBook …