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How does lack of nutrients Affect Your Mood?

As you can imagine diet and nutrition can have a huge impact on our moods and our well being.
We truly are what we eat or don’t eat. For instance water soluble B vitamins are very important for our brain and overall health. Water soluble means we urinate them out, so they need to be replaced often. In todays society with most of us being overweight, over stressed and fatigued and eating poorly – we turn to our doctors for help. Unfortunately a lot of Drs. prescribe prescription meds with out looking for the root cause of the illness.
For instance proton pump inhibitors – such as Nexium, Prilosec etc. These are often prescribed for heart burn. No specific work up is done to look for the cause and then the patient is put on a medication that is now possibly increasing our risk of dementia, osteoporosis and bowel infections.
One reason we believe these meds may contribute to dementia – is that they suppress stomach acid, which blocks the absorption of B12 from our foods.
B12 in particular – is needed to make red blood cells, and is used in the production of the lining of nerve cells. B12 works to protect the brain, and nervous system. It regulates rest and mood cycles and keeps our immune system functioning properly.
Severe B12 deficiencies can lead to depression, memory loss and paranoia, as well as possible brain shrinkage and dementia.
Please talk to your Dr. or even better – a functional medicine practitioner about better ways to treat heart burn and improve your mood.

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