Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing uses applied kinesiology to talk to the autonomic nervous system

Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing was developed and refined by Dr. Freddie Ulan, D.C. It is based on decades of successful clinical results helping people to restore their health – without drugs or surgeries.

Nutrition Response Testing combines knowledge of the autonomic nervous system, which is the body’s system that controls all vital functions including metabolism and repair, with the breakthroughs in applied and clinical kinesiology developed in the 1960’s by Dr. George Goodheart.

In this system, we do not “diagnose” or “treat” diseases.  Instead we use revolutionary tools that allow the trained practitioner to obtain a highly dependable assessment of a patient’s current health status. This system allows the practitioner the ability to identify and correct the underlying causes of current weaknesses or “dis-ease” rather than suppress the symptoms. Prescription medications often suppress symptoms but do not treat the cause. Nutrition Response Testing  is done by restoring nutritional balance – which then promotes more normal physiological functioning.

What is Nutrition Response Testing?

It is a technology that obtains important information about bodily functions from the autonomic nervous system ( ANS). Autonomic refers to something that occurs without your control –  such as breathing and your heart beating. The two parts to the ANS are the sympathetic and the parasympathetic systems – and together they regulate the healthy functioning of your body.

When the ANS is blocked or has interference this can lead to imbalance of these two systems which can cause symptoms – such as high blood pressure, acid reflux or headaches. These imbalances can be corrected safely, naturally and effectively by accessing the ANS.

Nutrition Response Testing is painless, and powerful. It is an empirically proven technique that allows us to accurately determine what is standing in your way to better health.

Dr. Ulan’s discovery of barriers to healing – which he calls stressors – “…opened the door to the most effective, most economical , easiest-to-comply-with, lowest pill count program ever.” And that , says Dr. Ulan, “is the key secret to our success.”

When being assessed through Nutrition Response Testing you will be tested for 5 common stressors: 1) Scars; 2)Food sensitivities; 3)Immune challenges; 4)Chemical challenges; and 5) Metal challenges. Based on the results found , we will recommend specific whole food supplements and/or herbs as well as dietary and lifestyle changes. The exam is done painlessly , with the practitioner lightly pressing on different acupuncture points or reflex locations on the body that are associated with different organs.

The result is a personalized health improvement program. The goal is two fold : achieve good health and to feel good again – safely , naturally and effectively.

Text borrowed from the book  The Missing Piece – written by Paul J. Rosen 2016

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