Nutritional Support Through Supplementation

Using quality supplements to enhance healing

In the modern world even if we eat very well with fresh organic fruits and vegetables, and quality meats and proteins most of us could benefit from individualized supplement support.

The quality of our soil and poor farming practices have lead to fruits and vegetables that are much lower in vitamin content then 20 years ago.

So I recommend supplements from companies with the highest quality controls.

Through my Nutrition Response Training I was introduced to a company called Standard Process who makes whole food supplements on a beautiful organic farm in Palmyra, Wisconsin.  They also have a line called Medi Herb. Standard Process also recognizes the importance of patient education, and that is why their products are available exclusively through qualified health care professionals.

I also use a company called Fullscript- a supplement dispensary that sells professional grade supplements.

Lifevantage is another company I recommend that makes top quality scientifically researched supplements that have peer reviewed studies on PubMed backing up their researched supplement formulations.

I am happy to offer patients instructions on how to feed their bodies with better nutrition and additionally how to use supplements to speed and increase the healing power of their bodies.






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