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Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

We have learned that in cases of Hashimoto’s ( Autoimmune thyroid disease) – as with all autoimmune conditions the problem is in the immune system not the thyroid.
Autoimmunity may be triggered by food sensitivities and nutrient depletions.
Some nutrients are essential to thyroid function, while others are required for proper immune function, gut and adrenal function, so a depletion may be affecting thyroid function directly or indirectly.
Appropriate nutrient supplementation can be helpful in not only improving symptoms but also reducing antibodies toward the thyroid itself and improving thyroid function.
What are some of the causes for nutrient depletions?
Commercial farming practices with synthetic fertilizer use and pesticides which can reduce the nutrient content of our foods.

Food processing can strip away nutrients from our grains.
Additionally, high carbohydrate diets, oral contraceptives, antibiotics and acid suppressing meds can impact the type of bacteria that we have in our digestive tracts. The good bacteria in our guts are responsible for extracting vitamins from our foods.

Acid reflux is very common in our American society. And acid-suppressing meds suppress stomach acid which is necessary to break down foods, especially proteins. So when one takes meds to block acid production you are starving your body of essential nutrients and amino acids.

I have seen people start to turn around Hashimoto’s disease by removing gluten and processed foods from their diet.
Wouldn’t you rather make dietary changes vs be on a lifelong medication to support your thyroid? I believe the bulk of you will answer yes.


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